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Nourishment has become a mystery to so many people. Why? Because
nutrition isn’t one size fits all. And because as a society, we’ve lost the joy in
food. We all have different taste buds, energy needs, preferences, and goals.
The one thing we likely do have in common is the belief that diets SUCK.

We ditched dieting, rigid meal plans, food rules, and calorie counting years ago
because not only do these harsh methods not work, but they also make life so
much less joyful. Our nationally-recognized Registered Dietitian and Co-
Founder Alexis Joseph, MS, RD, LD has worked with countless men and
women to find the joy in eating again, to live their best life, to get excited about
food rather than fear it. To be able to eat a meal or a snack without obsessing
about what’s in it. We’re here to help you nourish yourself from the inside out
and live a fuller life.

We’ll talk about food and movement but also sleep, your job, stress, and your
relationships. Food is just one piece in the puzzle of long term health and
happiness. We’ll work together to shift your perspective on healthy lifestyle,
improve your relationship with food, eat intuitively, and increase longevity via
gentle nutrition. You’ll learn how to make quick and easy snacks and satisfying
meals to fuel your unique lifestyle and regain health and happiness. You have it
all to look forward to!

Email for pricing information or to schedule
your initial consultation.